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Mr Mahesh Singh Chauhan(B.Tech IIT Kanpur) a well-known educationist with golden dreams & enthusiasm for converting dreams into reality, is the founder chairman of "BHABHA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS" He is associated with a large number of Educational & Social Activities in Uttar Pradesh & also Honoured by Governor of Uttar Pradesh Mr Mahesh Singh Chauhan a renowned personality has devoted his life to make India developed nation. BHABHA GROUP was established in 1993 with the primary goal of providing educational & career related services to all sections of society.

Bhabha Institute of Technology has been established to meet the ever growing demand for Trained Professional Manpower for industries and also to serve as a training ground for children of this region in the engineering profession. The Institute is situated in a sprawling campus of 100 acres in the Institutional area of Kanpur Dehat and aims to be a value-based Centre of Excellence. The Academy is by the All India Council for Technical Education & Affiliated with GBTU Lucknow.

BGI offers B.Tech, M.Tech degrees with courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering. It also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Mr. Mahesh Singh Chauhan
B-Tech. I.I.T. Kanpur[GOLD MEDALIST]
Uttar Pradesh Ratna, Honoured by Governer of State
Chairman HBEC & Bhabha Group of Institutions

Chairman's Message

Twenty-first Century will be the century of impacting and exchanging knowledge and ideas. Man is the centre of all the knowledge, it is my belief that education makes a man knowledgeable, aware of his environment and useful. BHABHA GROUP OF INSTITUTION (BGI) is the first step of our promise . Our Promise is to provide our students with the best institute which not only makes them financially independent but also a dignified and honourable Indian citizens. This is the first Group of its kind which supports high-quality education and character building.

We believe that our great strength has been attractive and retaining competent faculty members. As it is well said by Ex. President Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam'There is no other profession in the world that is more important to society than that of a teacher.'Though the teaching profession is an exalted one, it is also replete with challenges.

Our mission should be to prepare global competent engineers, technocrats and researchers that will cater to a global workforce. Our aim is not only to provide a world-class engineering education but also to inculcate a progressive attitude towards the betterment of society.

I strongly believe that in times to come these institutions will register their name as the apex among all the leading educational institutions of the world.



"The mission of the BHABHA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is to prepare competent engineers, techno-crafts, and researchers for various sectors of industries to meet the challenges and help industry and society for a better life."

"In modern times of globalizations, the mission of Mr Mahesh Singh Chauhan and all its institutions is to continuously improve infrastructure, attract and retain competent faculty members to provide, the necessary environment of multifaceted opportunities to students to achieve excellence, not only to meet the challenges of the educational market but also to become a global player."

"To impart world-class quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the field of engineering, technology, and management and eventually to conduct Research and Development and offer Consultancy Services, in the said fields, as per contemporary needs."

"To continuously improve the quality of the teaching-learning process and prepare professionals to meet the ever-changing demand in time-space. " "To steadily strive for the overall growth and development of intellect and personality of the students who, as professionals, would be confident to face the challenges of the world of work ." "To empower the faculty and staff for carrying out all their endeavour with a student-centric focus.