The Graduate Engineering Program of Bhabha Institute of Technology offers innovative education full of discovery and the spread of knowledge. The Graduate Engineering program allows to understand various engineering functions and extend individual networks through cross-cutting relationships. IT engineering has several programs for students looking for their interests, from application engineering. The students develop skills that should be successful and develop skills that make valuable contributions from the beginning, and learn skills that are valuable and learn. Postgraduate Engineering Programs encourage students to create internal perspectives and design solutions to create an economic value that help students meet human and social needs and maintain in a fierce environment of this competitive environment.


The program is designed with strong industry linkage to make students industry-ready B. Computer Science and Engineering Technology is a four-year degree program that enables students to design hardware/software systems, components, or processes to meet expected needs within realistic constraints. 

After successfully completing the program, students will be able to play a role in a multidisciplinary team, formulating and solving engineering problems, as well as designing and comparing solutions, algorithms, and protocols. 

The program emphasizes digital conversion technology and focuses on establishing students' concepts of mathematics and algorithms. 

The courses include knowledge of operating systems, programming languages, databases, networks, software testing, software development, front-end, software development back-end, network design, network management, database administrators, data analysis, software testing and maintenance, and system software development. and many more. 

 The program is designed with strong industry connections, prepares students for industry, and provides students with sufficient flexibility to pursue electives and projects of their choice.


In order to become a leading civil engineering research university, the department has expanded its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral research programs to develop sustainable infrastructure for a green environment. Therefore, the designed curriculum is modern and cutting-edge. The Department of Civil Engineering strives to train graduates with effective communication, technical, and management skills. Hands-on experience requires technical and management skills to continue learning to meet the diverse needs and trends of the industry.


The teaching and learning system of the Department of Civil Engineering is designed and implemented based on the principles of student-centered learning and problem-based pedagogy. To this end, the department opened Capstone & Design Projects, through which students can learn from group tasks in a team environment. A respected team of faculty and staff further supports us in delivering an agenda of academic excellence with industry-related expertise. The six-month hands-on training provides interactions between industry and organization to help students connect theory with real life.


The academic studies of the team and the members of the Software Development Team learn that the Acadristors are 4 years of information technology program and learn programs in a quick language, and to analyze clients. Work and comply with the client requires a test implementation test and need. For document software S. It also communicates technical concepts for technical persons and develops plans to integrate hardware and software into a specific environment and develop plans to perform them in an ethical and professional manner, so prepare to win students. 


Provide high-quality technical education through research, innovation, and teamwork to create a professionally excellent and ethical workforce to meet the global challenges of the engineering industry in the field of electronics and communication engineering. 

Through teachers' participation in practical and theoretical research, and cooperation with government agencies, private enterprises, and non-governmental organizations, create, develop and disseminate new knowledge through high-quality applied research in electronic and communication engineering. The purpose of this research is to improve the knowledge within our discipline and help solve the problems facing our society.


Mechanical Engineering is a four-year full-time graduate course divided into eight semesters. This course aims to provide students in the field of automotive engineering based on mechanical engineering. Students are involved in manufacturing and are familiar with the latest technologies involving all types of automobiles and auto parts. The main focus is to provide students with the skills necessary for the development of the automotive department.


Become a leading institution that stands out in higher education and research in the field of electrical instrumentation. Possess an academic and professional environment to make a lasting contribution to the advancement of knowledge. It is innovative, dynamic and flexible in formulating the structure and mechanism of academic courses.